Published on AEROTIME: December 27, 2017
By: Kirsty Ferguson

2017 has seen more movement in the aviation than I don’t know, the last 3 years.

Post two economic downturns, zero or low growth worldwide, various airlines sliding into voluntary administration or ceasing operation and passenger fear at an all time high due to terrorism and global instability, 2017 burst forth in an abundant and excitable manner. 2018 looks set to extend the same bountiful gifts.

Airline and fleet growth has clearly opened more opportunities for pilots, experienced pilots, not only to grow their careers but to move to new types and aim for the Mainline full-service carriers. Many of whom have not recruited for some time.

As more wide-body jets come into play globally, pilots who were happy commit themselves long-term to a narrow body career are now considering second officer roles on the wides.

Don’t get me wrong, while the opportunities and choices are here, it is essential that you meet the required standards on the Assessment Day. Just because they need pilots does not mean that they will relax their standards. At Pinstripe we have seen a recent influx of pilots who went into airline assessment processes with “perfect fit” experience but little or no preparation. The unsuccessful response is difficult to swallow when you are a good fit, so I will say again, preparation is key as they assess you on your performance on that day.

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